World's First AI-Powered
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Sport.Trade is Democratizing the Sports Trading Industry by Enabling Anyone to Build a Trustless, Permissionless, Non-Custodial Prediction Market for Users

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Prediction Markets - Reimagined

Seize Your Share: Secure a Fractional Ownership in the Future of Sports Trading Infrastructure

Platform Innovations and Accessibility

  • Decentralization ensures transparent, fair gaming experiences
  • Easy global access, breaking down geographical barriers
  • Combining Web2’s simplicity with Web3’s efficiency
  • Utilizing the support of the crypto native community to make innovative Web3 benefits accessible to non-savvy users

Infrastructure and Empowerment

  • Provide infra-layer to enable other web apps to launch their sports trading services
  • Empower individuals to act as bookmakers, profiting from the revenue pool
  • Creating a seamless sportsbook that spans across Web2 and Web3, disrupting the traditional market

Ushering a New Era for Everyone to be a Winner- Bookmakers, Community and Users

  • Revenue Share of the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) and Amplified Profit Opportunities by Locking Funds in the Capital Cushion Reserve (CCR)
  • Recognition and Rewards for the Community and Fractional Ownership Opportunities By Locking Funds onto the Sport.Trade Ecosystem
  • Ability to Create Bespoke Markets & Games. Enhanced, Fair Odds Coming from the Centralised Pool, Ensuring No Manipulation in the Odds
  • Stable & Sustainable Earnings for the Entire Ecosystem as Community Pool Underwrites Losses, Protecting the whole Community from the risk of catastrophic financial setbacks
  • Users Indulge in a Sophisticated Sports Trading Experience of Placing Take Profit, Stop Loss Orders. Also, Users can Create and Take Part in Local currency Sports Markets without worrying about the FX Risk

Benefits and features

How Sport.Trade is Transforming the Sport.Betting Ecosystem for all Stake-Holders

Sport.Trade is an AI-powered Web3 infra layer designed to transform the global sports trading industry. We democratize sports trading by allowing anyone to run a book making business with minimal capital or risk management expertise.

We address key issues such as liquidity, transparency, fair pricing, and fast execution to provide a superior trading experience. Our decentralized trading protocol allows for seamless and efficient operations, making sports trading accessible to more bookmakers  and end users globally.

Our protocol separates functions such as risk management, market-making, market creation, pricing, and settlement. This modular approach enhances the platform’s flexibility and scalability, allowing bookmakers to tailor services according to their needs.

Our platform integrates AI and blockchain technology to ensure real-time pricing, risk management, and secure, trustless transactions. We use smart contracts to automate payouts and settlements, ensuring that transactions are both transparent and timely.

AI drives our platform by actively creating popular live sports markets, utilizing real-time analysis of user behavior and market conditions across various sports. This ensures that our offerings are responsive and engaging. Additionally, AI plays a crucial role in risk management, continuously monitoring for potential losses and dynamically adjusting book position to mitigate skewed risk, thereby enhancing the stability and security of our staking environment.

Sport.Trade utilizes a Capital Cushion Reserve, a community-owned liquidity pool that helps distribute risk management across the platform. This pool stabilizes trading and reduces financial volatility for bookmakers. Additionally, our platform employs AI-driven automated risk lay-offs to proactively manage and adjust positions, ensuring the security and integrity of trading activities.

How Sport.Trade is Empowering and Benefiting its Community for Best Governance

At Sport.Trade, we share a portion of the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) with our community members. Community members can lock funds into our Capital Cushion Reserve (CCR) pools and receive a revenue share based on the amount they contribute. This model not only incentivizes participation but also aligns the interests of the platform and its users.

Our DAO allows community members to actively participate in the governance of the platform. Members can propose changes, vote on various aspects such as bookmaker governance, and rank the market creators to ensure transparency and fairness. This decentralized governance model empowers our users to shape the future of sports trading directly.

Anyone in our community can design bespoke markets. Market Creators are ranked by community based on their track record. Higher-ranking creators gain better visibility on bookmakers’ platforms. This promotes a merit-based system where successful Market Creators are more likely to have their markets featured, increasing their opportunities for earning revenue shares.

Transparency is a cornerstone of Sport.Trade. By recording all transactions and governance actions on the blockchain, where they are visible to anyone, we ensure that our operations are fully auditable by the community. This level of openness builds trust and effectively eliminates the risk of manipulation.

 We regularly organize community events, Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, and webinars with founders and key personnel. These activities are designed to keep our community engaged, informed, and involved in ongoing developments and governance processes.

Our affiliate and referral programs are designed to reward community members for bringing new participants into our ecosystem. These programs not only help grow our user base but also strengthen community bonds by rewarding those who help expand our network.

 Community members have the power to discipline bookmakers through our governance system. For example, they can vote to adjust the capital allocation requirements for bookmakers, alter their revenue shares, or even remove bookmakers who do not adhere to community standards and protocols.


From Concept To Reality: Product Delivery Roadmap

Q2 2024

Architecture Planning and Designing

Team Building

Q3 2024

Smart Contract Development

AMM Module Development

Testnet Deployment


Q4 2024

Mainnet Deployment

Sport.Trade Web Application Launch

Q1 2025

Offchain AI implementation for Market Creation and risk management

Diversifying Trading Products

Q2 2025(Onwards)